Hair transplantation is a surgical method aimed at restoring normal hair growth in bald areas. Surgical intervention may be required for those who cannot achieve hair restoration with medical shampoo treatments, scalp massages or alternative remedies. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair from one part of the scalp to another. Hair transplantation is performed by FUE method. Hair transplantation usually takes 5-7 hours.


How long does it take for the first results to become visible?

One of the most frequently asked questions when planning a hair transplant, is how long it will take for new hair to grow in the bald spots where the process was performed. It is completely understandable that there is some impatience. From several years of experience we would like to answer as follows:

After hair transplantation, it takes 2-6 weeks for the newly transplanted hair to fall out. Please do not panic, this is a completely normal process. Nothing can happen, because the hair roots are firmly grown under the skin. After hair loss it takes at least 3 months until hair growth starts. The newly transplanted hair roots go into a state of shock due to the transplantation and for this reason they need a certain rest period to resume their work. The hair root has a 3 month cycle to renew itself and to produce the new hair.

Hair growthbegins in a period of about 5 to 9 months after hair transplantation. This varies from patient to patient depending on the body or immune system.

Please always consult with your contact person, you can ask questions, express concerns and if necessary contact us at any time in case of emergency.

In the period of about 9-12 months the density of the transplanted hair increases. During this time, new and stronger hairs continue to grow back and a significant improvement in hair density should be seen. So after a hair transplant, some patience is needed before the first results are clearly visible.

The results of hair transplantation depend not only on us, but also on you or your scalp care. You will receive detailed instructions from us and if any questions arise, you can contact us at any time.

  • Use care products recommended by us (follow our instructions and the recommended care products)
  • No physical exertion for up to 4 weeks after surgery (contamination can lead to infection)
  • No sports for up to 4-6 weeks after surgery (sweating can cause infections)
  • No sun/solarium/sauna – please consult your responsible contact person here (it disturbs wound healing and there is a risk of infection)
  • No alcohol and nicotine, 5 days before surgery and 4 weeks after surgery (worsens blood circulation)
  • Do not scratch (there is a risk that the grafted grafts will fall out)

More information

Have more questions? No problem!

Our goal is to inform you before the procedure and to clarify open questions or ambiguities. In addition, you can reach us by phone to arrange a free consultation without obligation.

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