Beard hair­transplantation – A distinctive, full beard

The beard and beard hair are an integral part of the male face. Beards give the male face a special expressiveness, masculinity and striking features. Unfortunately, not everyone can grow a thick beard.

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Hair transplantation


A central part of the male face is the beard. For many men, it is therefore important that the beard grows sufficiently and that it is possible to wear a three-day beard or a full beard.

A beard hair transplant makes it possible to thicken the beard, replace missing beard hair and fill in gaps naturally. It is also possible to thicken beard growth, making the beard much fuller.

Beard hair transplantation is similar to scalp hair transplantation. Before the treatment, the patient’s wishes and ideas are discussed, the options are outlined and the course of the new beard is drawn on the face.


How does beard & hair trans­plantation work?

Healthy hair normally grows back. If a hair follicle is destroyed, hair will no longer grow there. A beard hair transplant is a form of autologous hair transplant that offers the option of using the FUE technique to correct patchy or completely missing beard growth.

After transplanting the patient’s own hair, the hair grows back for life and can therefore permanently correct sparse beard growth.

What does a beard hair transplant cost?