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Beauty Clinic

Discover your most beautiful version in the heart of Düsseldorf. In our exclusive clinic, we combine medical expertise with the latest technology. Trust our experts and experience aesthetic perfection that enriches your life.

Your Personal
Beauty Clinic

Discover your most beautiful version in the heart of Düsseldorf. In our exclusive clinic, we combine medical expertise with the latest technology. Trust our experts and experience aesthetic perfection that enriches your life.

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Our practice is located in the heart of NRW!

Our practice is situated in the heart of NRW, in Düsseldorf, and is housed in the historic Garath Castle. We look forward to your visit.


German aesthetic Behandlungen haartransplantation maenner und frauen teaser startseite

Whether receding hairline, hair loss, tonsure, balding forehead, or thinning hair - we have a sustainable and optimal solution for you.


German aesthetic Behandlungen barttransplantation maenner teaser startseite

The only way to achieve long-term beard growth in bald spots is by transplanting healthy hair follicles to replenish that area.


German aesthetic Behandlungen augenbrauentransplantation frauen teaser startseite

Regardless of the cause, your eyebrows can be sustainably shaped and
filled in with an eyebrow hair transplant.

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What our customers say about us

german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen majed callo

Majed Callo

From the very beginning, Ms. Z. Klaasen and the entire team were there for me and were able to help with all my questions. I am more than satisfied with the service. The hotel was booked...

“The instructions were complete and clear. When I arrived there, I was greeted very nicely. The nurses, who were responsible for the main part of the operation, all did a great job and always kept me in good spirits, informing me step by step about what was happening, etc. The entire operation was virtually painless. The latest technology makes the difference! I finally have hair and am absolutely satisfied with the healing and hair growth. I am now in the patience phase and am really looking forward to the hair I will receive. In addition, I can contact the responsible nurse with any questions and get a quick answer on what I need to do. But since most things are clear from the beginning, this is not necessary too often. My circle of friends already knows the clinic. I was also able to recommend the great clinic to two friends! And everyone who sees it… in short: the price-performance ratio is really top-notch. If you’re considering a hair transplant, then at German Aesthetic, in Düsseldorf.

german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen andreas

Andreas Herzog

Highly professional demeanor. From the consultation by the CEO himself to the very helpful staff. I am very satisfied with my HT result. The team is friendly, helpful, and very competent...

I can confidently say that even when I don’t have much time due to work, they always offer me an appointment to keep the treatment going. Great. Thank you all!

german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen uwe grau

Uwe Grau

Six months ago, I had my hair transplant with a total of 3,500 grafts. The prior consultation and information were very good and enlightening. This convinced me to have the procedure done at the clinic...

to be performed at the German Aesthetic GmbH. On the day of the procedure, all the steps were explained to me in detail. My wishes were also considered during the procedure. I felt very well taken care of. In the follow-up after the procedure, they took the time on each occasion to discuss and clarify all questions. The result after 6 months can really be rated as very good. Receding hairlines and the beginning tonsure are no longer present! One can truly say that the price/performance ratio is exceptionally good. From my personal experience, I can highly recommend the hair clinic.

german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen ingo

Ingo Jäger

I had HT done last September! From the consultation to the surgery, everything was perfect and professional! The aftercare by Sandra is absolutely great. The result is superb.

I would choose this clinic again at any time. I have already recommended the clinic to many friends and acquaintances!

german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen no c01


DENTAL PHOBIC PATIENT: I am writing this review from the perspective of a dental phobic patient. Influenced by all the forums and YouTube videos, I postponed my hair transplant for about 2 years, mainly due to...

FEAR OF INJECTIONS: I’m writing this review from the perspective of someone who is terrified of injections. Influenced by various forums and YouTube videos, I postponed my hair transplant for about two years. The horror stories about the injections kept me from it. After thorough research, I came across German Aesthetics because I was specifically looking for the anesthesia option with the Comfort In injection (needle-free “pre-anesthesia without a needle” followed by local anesthesia “main anesthesia with a needle”) in Germany. Phone Call: Speaking with the CEO was incredibly calming and inspiring trust; competence speaks in a way words cannot express. Mr. Klassen convinced me to forgo the Comfort In injection, as they developed a mixture that virtually reduces the pain to zero. Naturally, it was hard to believe, but Mr. Klassen’s demeanor convinced me to muster all my courage and proceed. Anesthesia: I then opted for Mr. Klassen’s suggestion of standard local anesthesia with a regular injection, but with German Aesthetics’ special mixture. Step by Step: Received a sedative (to calm nerves). Dr. Ömer applied an ice spray to the injection site. Dr. Ömer administered the injection. Pain: OMG, I can’t describe to you all; on a scale of 0 (pain-free) to 10 (most intense pain), it was at most a 0.5. I don’t know how they do it, and frankly, I don’t care. When I received the first injection, I immediately asked Dr. Ömer if it’s always like this, and he replied, “Yes.” I then said we could keep injecting all day. The way Dr. Ömer administers the injection, the way the mixture works is simply amazing. Being someone extremely sensitive, I have to know; on the aforementioned scale, it’s genuinely at most a 0.5. I would like to sincerely thank the wonderful doctor, Dr. Ömer. YOU ARE AMAZING. 🙂 (I’m overjoyed) The Transplant: But not just Dr. Ömer; I especially want to highlight the hair technician, Ms. Yeliz. You can truly tell a professional is at work here, someone who could easily play in the Champions League finals. Even though I suffer from very thin hair, she, with all her experience and expertise, pushed her skills to the limit. I am extremely satisfied with her work and how she managed to position so many grafts closely together to simulate thick hair. Overall: My review is mainly for people like me who are hesitating because they’re afraid of pain (injections or similar). Folks, I can’t speak for other clinics, but here at German Aesthetics, they’ve developed a truly unique method. You’ll feel, at most, the ice spray, nothing more. I know it’s hard to believe a review, but it’s genuinely like this. Negative: It’s not actually negative but normal. By that, I mean the price. Regardless of whether you get a promotional price or not, in Germany, the prices are three times higher than in Turkey. It was important to me to have no pain, and here I got my money’s worth. Even if it were three times more expensive, I would have chosen this again because my main concern was minimal pain. Conclusion: I am overjoyed that I went through with it, and even though I’m still at the beginning – “today’s date” just barely two weeks – I am extremely happy I did it.”
german aesthetic google rezensionen bewertungen falk

Falk R.

Now, after 3 months, I want to report on my experience. I was referred to the "Rheinterrassen" hotel in Düsseldorf by Mr. Klaasen. I checked in there the evening before and immediately met a patient...

I want to report on my experience after 3 months. I met a patient at the “Rheinterrassen” hotel in Düsseldorf, which Mr. Klaasen had referred me to, who had just completed his transplantation. He told me only positive things and took some of the excitement away from me. The next morning, I drove to the clinic, which was about 10 minutes away, and was greeted warmly and had a preliminary discussion with Mr. Klaasen. Over the next 2 hours, about 4000 grafts were removed from me, followed by a lunch break. Subsequently, it took about 4 hours to insert the hair, but it was relatively bearable as there were various ways to keep oneself occupied, such as Netflix or mobile phones. The next morning, I had a follow-up examination and the first hair wash, then I went home. The following weeks were, of course, strenuous with swelling and hair loss, but now after 3 months, the resting phase is over, and I am already very satisfied. The result gets better week by week. It was definitely the best decision to have the procedure done. The nurses on-site are experienced, and every move they make is spot-on. I am thrilled and can recommend the clinic to anyone. A big thank you to the entire team.

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Everyone wishes for an attractive appearance, as it gives us a secure self-confidence – in our profession, in our private life, and beyond.

Aesthetic medicine cannot recreate a person, but it is capable of emphasizing one’s own personality.

We are looking forward to realizing your wishes together with you. For this purpose, a well-coordinated and competent team is at your side. Do not hesitate, but feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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