Eyebrow­hair transplan­tation for perfect accents

Gentle eyebrow hair transplantation using the minimally invasive FUE technique can help you achieve natural-looking, full eyebrows. Distinctive eyebrows also give men an expressive and masculine appearance.

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Hair transplantation


Eyebrow hair transplantation is a treatment aimed at thickening or shaping the eyebrows. Eyebrows primarily protect the eyes from foreign bodies or sweat, but in recent years they have also regained importance as an ideal of beauty. With an eyebrow hair transplant, you can give your face a harmonious overall look.

Frequent plucking over long periods of time, advancing age or scars can be reasons why eyebrows thin out or grow incompletely.

Transplanting the body’s own hair from the neck area offers a good alternative with particularly natural results.


How does eyebrow hair trans­plantation work?

Hair follicles are transplanted with millimeter precision. The FUE method is a method of hair transplantation that is gentle on the skin. The FUE method is even suitable for permanent eyebrow hair transplants in cases of partial or complete eyebrow loss.

Even in difficult cases of eyebrow loss (accidents, burns), we are there for you and can restore your eyebrows with a transplant.

How much does an eyebrow hair transplant cost?